For more than 70 years Martin Flyer has stood by the motto: “The Quality You Expect, The Personal Service You Deserve.” This mantra is still a cornerstone of our focus today and has held true through three generations of outstanding service, craftsmanship, and delivery of heirloom quality jewelry at competitive prices. Handcrafted by experienced artisans with the finest materials available, Martin Flyer truly signifies, “Forever”.


We use the best materials to make the finest products to celebrate the special moments in life. To mark these special celebrations, we created a system that both educates the retailer about wedding rings styles and allow consumers to shop for their loved ones with ease and confidence. To add structure to a relatively loose industry and help both consumers and retailers understand the choices available, Martin Flyer initiated “The Classifications of Bridal” concept both online and in the 150+ retail jewelers that carry our products.


Martin Flyer initiated the Classifications of Bridal as an educational tool for consumers. We offer a simple way to categorize the types of bridal styles that exist in the marketplace. Begin by choosing the setting: Solitaire, Three Stone, Channel, Shared Prong or Micropavé etc. – From there our system distinguishes between many styles using Classic, Vintage, and Contemporary. – Finally, choose from different “looks” – Halo, Split Shank, Eternity, Hand Engraved & more – that reflect the bride’s different personalities.

The classification system also teaches retailers how to merchandise the product, which then makes it easier for the consumer to shop.

Solitaire Engagement Ring Style

The notable feature of the Solitaire engagement ring style is the single center stone. Solitaires convey a sense of timeless simple elegance.

Micropavé Engagement Ring Style

The notable features of the Micropavé engagement ring style is the overall antique look conveyed by a highly precise setting of the very small diamonds and tiny beads of metal surrounding each tiny diamond. Though the look of Micropavé may be traditional, it makes a very fashion forward statement, combining contemporary style with an antique look.

Vintage Engagement Ring Style

The vintage engagement ring style features intricate hand engraving, creating a design that is both antique and glamorous.

Split Shank Engagement Ring Style

The split shank engagement ring style updates the more traditional streamlined bands with an eye-catching design that directs and emphasizes your attention towards the center stone.

Remount Engagement Ring Style

A remount engagement ring style is when it is time to upgrade to bigger or better setting.

Three Stone Engagement Ring Style

The Three Stone engagement style is designed with one center stone and two side stones. This style ring can be worn as a right-hand ring or as an engagement ring.

Micropavé Halo Engagement Ring Style

The mircropave engagement ring style brings the antique look of the precise diamond settings to the center stone, accentuating and expanding the overall look of the diamond. There is a reason it’s a best-seller.

Channel Engagement Ring Style

In the Channel engagement ring style, the diamonds are set in a channel with no metal separating the gemstones. The gemstones flow together in one continuous row and present a clean, elegant and contemporary appearance – great for an active lifestyle or the women who prefer a modern look.

Shared Prong Engagement Ring Style

The notable features of the Shared Prong engagement ring style are that the diamonds in the setting share prongs so less metal is seen which allows for more diamond visibility. This design also allows the maximum amount of light to enter from all angles for the ultimate shine.